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Great Day Care and Amazing People 

Paul Mahoney ,


Maria is very professional and takes pride in her work through providing the best care

Roger Hens,


Noble Kids Care is very flexible and truly understands they busy schedule of today parents

Betty Fitz,

Welcoming staff from day one 

Trina Shull,


Families oriented and one-on-one care at the best price

Samatha Adams,


Maria is very accommodating


Edwen Hardy,


My first day provided all the information I needed to choice Noble Kids Care.   The way I was welcomed and given full access to the care center and from the detailed answers I was provided, I knew this place is truly the BEST.  Maria showed me that her passion is providing the best care through a family oriented child care. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best experience for both the parent and the child. At Noble Kids Care, we understand that finding a top quality childcare can be stressful, therefore we have developed a simple system where parents can call or register their kids online. One of our major goals is to constantly evaluate and improve our communication processes so as to provide a quality experience for the child and parents. Our core belief is to provide a healthy, playful and learning environment for your child, therefore reducing your stress. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide tailored solutions and our ability to be flexible to meet the busy schedule of today's parents. Our vision is to provide a family oriented environment where kids have fun and are constantly learning. Our ratio of child to Daycare Attendant is 2 to 1 and will remain small. Individual attention is one of the foundations of our service. We recognize that children learn at their own pace and we are prepared to address their rate individually. Social skills will be emphasized as well as basic educational ones, all age specific and appropriate. Remember your child's safety, health and growth is our major concern as it is yours.

Noble Kids Care is a direct result of our passion and love for children. We are two sisters that have always enjoyed providing love and care for children. Once we had our very own, we searched and searched for a child care service that could offer a loving environment and an educational atmosphere for our children. Unfortunately, our exhaustive search failed to result in finding any that met our standards educationally, flexibility wise nor with the nurturing atmosphere we wanted.  Thus the conception of Noble Kids Care resulted. As sisters, we committed to creating the very best children care environment, where they both learn and have fun everyday in a clean, healthy and safe facility.  Noble Kids Care was established with these core values is as well as an emphasis on individual attention.

We believe our success is based on our ability to constantly create and implement a varied constantly changing curriculum based on our evaluation of enrolled children’s needs and ages.  In addition, our openness in encouraging feedback from parents in this regard ensures that our program remains vital and comprehensive. Noble Kids Care believes in embracing today’s technology to enhance our children’s future by providing real use of computers or tablets with age appropriate material.  Lastly, as fellow parents we sincerely believe that it is our “love” for children and desire to create an atmosphere where that encourages individual growth, positive feedback and praise, and allows them to experiment and grow in a safe caring environment that sets Noble Kids Care above all other providers.  Very simply ‘WE WILL TREAT YOUR CHILDREN LIKE THEY ARE OUR OWN.”


We would encourage you to contact us for an appointment.  As we mention, this is our passion and we take pride in providing the very best experience to your kids.  We enjoy the very moment we see your kids smile from the time they walk in our home.  As parents, we assure you that your kids will be in good hand and we will make this a smooth process for you and the kids. 


Contact us for the best experience through the most stressed decisions you will make as parent

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At Noble Kids Care, we believe in providing the best experience by simply making life easer. Through login, parents or legal guardian have exclusive access to their child's file. Additionally, we have a section with current and new forms for our clients. With Noble Kids Care login, we promise you will have access to some cool content. Login and check it out!
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Contact us for an amazing experience for you and your child with Noble Kids Care. We pride in providing tailored solutions to the parents, with that in mind – ask any questions Your kid will be at home with Noble Kids Care

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